Tap Your Trees at Home


The art of making maple syrup is generally attributed to the Native Americans. Early settlers arriving in America learned the skill from them. They then went on to improve on the Native American’s techniques by creating devices for tapping and collecting the maple tree’s sap. These same basic devices and techniques are still used in America today to produce the maple syrup that we enjoy on our pancakes and waffles.

Anyone with access to maple trees, a few tools and equipment, and some basic how-to can make this delicious syrup. If you have never tasted pure maple syrup, you are in for a wonderful experience. In addition to its use as a topping for breakfast foods, maple syrup can also be made into toppings for ice cream and pastries, treats for the kids, or, in a pinch, a source of sweetening.

Here we have “Step by Step” instructions for the beginning Maple Sugarer…just click on each link below to learn more.





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