Maple Questions

Does pure maple syrup spoil?

Properly packaged pure maple syrup will never spoil.

How do I filter my syrup?

For the smaller producer an orlon bag and prefilter bag liner can be used. For the larger producer a filter press can be used.

How do I package my syrup?

Syrup must be put into a clean & sterile container at 185 to 200 degrees, after tighting the cover lay on their side for about 30 seconds for a tight seal.

How much syrup can a maple tree produce per season?

On an average, you can expect to get one quart of maple syrup per tap.

What are the tapping guidelines for tapping maple trees?

Do not tap any tree smaller than 10 inches in diameter. For a tree which is 10 inches, 1 tap is used. For a tree which is 16 inches in diameter 2 taps can be used and for a tree about 22 inches in diameter 3 taps can be used.

When cooking my maple sap, how can I tell when my syrup has reached a finished product?

Often you can tell when it starts to turn color and the density changes but for a more accurate reading, when your syrup reaches 7degrees above the boiling point of water on your thermometer you will have a finished product.