Wood Evaporator – Venturi 2′ x 8′

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2’x8’ VENTURI arch, reversible painted door and insulated. Ashtray with air intake. Smoke stack with base stack Dia.10’’ x 16’ long + hinged cover. Section of 2’ with venturi 120V/15AMPS. 1 flue pan 2’x5’ 2 paths (raised flue 7’’) 2 crossflow syrup pan 18’’x24’’ ferrule 1-1/2’’. Rear float box, front float box, rear water level 1-1/2’’, splash guards.

INCLUDED : Delivery, 2 years warranty parts and labor. Connection 1-1/2’’, roof jack and collar (1X), blue plugs, clips, caps, gaskets, ceramic blanket. Reversible evaporator (right or left).

NOT INCLUDED : 50 big fire bricks (66868), 3 refractory tiles (6681212), 4 gallons of pyromix (668664), bricking, leveling of evaporator, instalation.

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