Stainless Steel Dry Pan Cleaner


This is a powder pan cleaner used to clean stainless steel pans during the season and at the end of season to remove sugar sand & nitar build up.

1 pound – 3 pound – 10 pound Containers available

Directions: Use 1/2 pound of this pan cleaner for every 30 gallons of water.
Add pan cleaner cleaning compound slowly to the water while stirring.
Heat the solution to 140° Fahrenheit.
Scrub the pans with scratching pad or wooden scraper.
The solution can be reused for subsequent cleanings.
Add compound if necessary.
Store solution in glass or neoprene containers.

Important: Pans have to be rinsed thoroughly after cleaning.

Never mix this pan cleaner with any products containing chlorine.
Do Not use on pans made of tin…use only on stainless steel pans.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Powder Pan Cleaner

1# Container, 3# Container, 10# Container