CDL Vacuum Filter Press – 9″


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9″ Vacuum Filter Press
Capacity 3.6 US Gallons
Ideal for 10 to 400 taps
Kit Includes:
1 – Stainless Steel Vacuum Filter Press
1 – Thermometer 3” stem 6”# EITC0306
1 – Draw-off elbow # SDE050
1 Pack (12) – 9” Prefilter# FAU18035
1 – 9” Filter # FAU18036


We recommend that you purchase a small shop vac that is dedicated to use with this filter press only.
Being that we don’t know what size shop vac/shop vac hose you will be using, we don’t include the fitting that goes from your shop vac to the filter press so you will need to get the correct fitting.

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Weight 51 lbs

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